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An enquiry is successfully submitted when you send us all the necessary information through the form

As soon as we receive your enquiry,we forward it to our sales representatives. If you have submitted all the necessary information, we immediately begin looking for an available cargo carrier.

If the data is not complete, you will be contacted by our sales representative.

If you have submitted all the necessary information upon your inquiry, we immediately check for transport options and send you a quote.

For a successful order or reservation of a vehicle, we need the following information:

  • Payment data and data about the client
  • Collection point information (company, address, zip code, contact)
  • Delivery point information (company, address, zip code, contact)
  • Cargo information (length x width x height and weight)
  • Time of transport
  • Potential reference numbers for a successful collection or delivery
  • Access to a collection/delivery point for a large truck
  • Equipment for the loading and unloading of goods from a truck (forklift)

Transport can be reserved with a written confirmation and submission of all the necessary data for the successful realisation of transport.

We advise our customers to confirm the offer in writing as soon as possible since vehicles capacities are filled very fast.

For a successful realisation of transport, the following should be checked: 

  • Do I have all the information about collection and delivery points?
  • What is the quantity of goods and what is the packaging like?
  • What is the weight of goods?
  • When is the goods ready for collection?
  • Has access for a large truck been arranged at collection and delivery locations?
  • Has the loading and unloading equipment been arranged?
  • Is the cargo ready for transport?