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We look forward to working with you. We need to know as much about you as possible as this will enable us to contact you easier.

To apply successfully, see which information we need.

How does it work?

Due to our marketing activities, the quantity of enquiries for transport services is growing every day and consequently so does the need for additional transport providers. Based on the data you provide, we will record your individual transport characteristics and inform you on current transport if necessary. If you have a vehicle available at the right time and carry out transport, we will agree on the price and other details.

Who do we need?

We need responsible road hauliers with their own fleets. The largest market demand is for groupage transport throughout Europe, so the most potential are those road hauliers who transport partial shipments across Europe. To achieve quality delivery services, local deliverers are often needed for local deliveries and short transport routes in the delivery country with SOLO delivery trucks and vans.

Our requirements

To achieve quality services, we accept road hauliers who meet the following norms or standards:

  • Registered activity 
  • Properly maintained fleet
  • Responsible personnel
  • Up-to-date insurance 
  • Meeting all legal requirements for the performance of services

What information do you need to provide?

We want you to be updated about current transport appropriate for you so send us the following information:

  • Where is your fleet located?
  • Which routes do you most often drive?
  • What types of vehicles and how many do you have?
  • What upgrades/additional equipment do you have available?


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