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Does transport organisation take too much of your time? How to find a carrier for your route? How to find a carrier for a timely delivery?

Imagine everything in one place. All the carriers. All transport routes. For each cargo load. All limits considered. All in one place! Send the information and your work is done. You can completely forget about it as you will receive a notification about loading and delivery. You might think that’s not possible, but it is.

We manage transport across Slovenia, Europe and in other countries. 90% of clients agree it is easier with us. See for yourself, send us an email to Or fill out the transport form with all the required data and receive a free quote to your e-mail address.

We will help you find solutions for cargo transport and save your time during working hours. Our services will save your time. We manage cargo transport across Slovenia and abroad with many different vehicles.

We cooperate with more than 90% of all EU transport companies.

Kindness, reliability, and especially responsibility are key to our customers

Our vision

To become a top provider of comprehensive logistical services.

Our strategy

Strength is in unity! Our path to success is paved with a comprehensive understanding of domestic and foreign markets of the transport industry.

Our values

  • Flexibility
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork

1. Adaptability and flexibility

Our services are fast and customer-tailored. We provide them with resourceful business operations and by being organised.

2. Responsibility

What distinguishes us is a strong responsibility towards obligations and agreements and to social and natural environment.

3. Teamwork

The quality of our services is the result of the work of all individuals as well as excellent professional groups. We consider our colleagues’ knowledge, experience and opinions.